WordPress Tutorials


Ever find yourself trying to remember how to do that thing that you did before? You’ve had your website developed and been through all the training but there are just a few things you need to do, that should take minutes, but seem to take hours. Stop wasting your time. Get yourself a custom WordPress tutorial that you can keep as a reference to come back to whenever you need it.

The WordPress tutorials our created using  a combination of images, text and video and cover up to three short tasks. If you are wondering How do I change the image in my sidebar? Why has it cut off everyone’s heads in the header? Why can’t I re-order my woocommerce products like I did last time? Then look no further, help is at hand! You can order your WordPress tutorial here.

I’ve made tutorials for just about every inch of WordPress, from the simple adding of content on a page, to


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

banning a user from a site, to resizing blog images and back again. So no matter how banal or baffling, I’ve got you covered. Think not only of the time you’ll save, but how much better your computer looks on its desk than on the floor, outside the window, where you were about to throw it. Invest €75 in your future and learn how to do the thing you couldn’t do today, tomorrow*.

*Turnaround times are typically 1-3 days, but that didn’t really have the same ring to it.