WordPress Check Up

WordPress Healthcheck

Very much a core part of the business and available free when you sign up for a maintain and monitor monthly plan.
A WordPress check up or health check is exactly what you could expect from taking your existing WordPress site to your local GP. The service analyses your WordPress site and highlights any existing issues, fixing these where practical and providing advice and recommendations if not.

The WordPress check up covers three main areas;


WordPress Healthcheck

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  • How effective is the current security set up? If non existent, base level security measures will be put in place.
  • Are backups set up? Functioning correctly? Executing at a practical time and what is the procedure for restoring these?
  • Are all plugins/themes/WP core up to date? If a functioning back up is in place updating these where practical.
  • Identifying any known to be exploited plugins, advising of suitable replacements.


  • Review the load time of the site to identify what, if anything is slowing it down.
  • How has the site been constructed? Using WP best practices so the theme can be updated as required?
  • Are there any broken links/forms/pages impacting on the usability of the site.
  • Can the site be seen & regularly crawled by the search engines.


  • Does the site comply with EU cookie law.
  • Are the terms and conditions & privacy policy available and fit for purpose.
  • Is the content accessible for all users?
  • If using an SSL certificate, is this valid & functioning correctly?
  • What measures, if any, need to be taken to prepare for GDPR