Properly Pressed is a WordPress centric suite of services that make managing your WordPress site easier.

Make managing your website a pleasure, not a chore.

All too often websites are seen as finite things that get built and left alone, looked upon as a necessary cost rather than an asset that needs investment in order to prosper. Much like any physical premises a website needs to be maintained and any opportunity it offers acted upon. However, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds.  You probably already know the things you should be doing;

  • I need to add compelling content to my website.
  • I need to keep my website updated.
  • I need to keep my website secure.
  • I need to keep my website compliant.
  • I need to track my websites performance.

Each of these tasks bring with them associated problems and questions, What kind of content should I add? Will updating this plugin break my site? Could my website make more money? What is the difference between a user and a session? Is my retargetting pixel working? What is a retargeting pixel?

Leading to hours of research, sifting through articles often more interested in selling a certain tool rather than solving a particular problem.

Similarly I found myself revisiting clients sites and finding a hoard of updates that need applying, or a switch to the site structure that had seen the site suffer a huge drop in rankings. All problems that I could solve with ease, but I had no system in place to prevent these issues from occurring. I wasn’t solving the problem.

So, I looked for tools. I found no end of one click plugin updaters, security scanners, super-ultimate immediate restore backups and many other shiny objects. I found rank trackers, serp stalkers, keyword imaginers and no end of vital analytics tools that were all must have’s and a wonder I was still breathing without them.

I found nothing that solved these problems and actually improved your website.

Properly Pressed was born. A simple set of services allowing your website to prosper and grow your business. It marries the nuts and bolts of keeping a site functioning correctly, with the tracking and analysis to make sure your efforts are being rewarded. It helps me to help you, it monitors your site, identifies any issue, I fix the issue and explain what I have done and how I’ve prevented it from happening in the future.

The I in properly pressed, is me, David O’Connell. I’ve been working on WordPress sites for the last 11 years. Whilst I have a team of trusted allies to call on in peak times, I do most of the talking. I have the good fortune to live in the illustrious Kingdom of South Kerry, Ireland. I like dogs and kayaks.

I also like learning, whilst I think the quality my clients hold in highest regard is my jargonless approach, I’ve also got these;