SEO Audit

So you have an existing WordPress site and you are wondering why your phone isn’t constantly ringing with enquiries or your inbox is more spam than leads? I can help.

During an SEO audit I’ll look at a wide range of metrics including Google analytics, social metrics, backlinks, on site optimisation and Google search console. Once done I’ll provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all this information, along with a more practical summary, or edited highlights if you like. Along with this I’ll provide an action plan of 10 actionable tasks that you can get started on to immediately improve your websites performance in the search engines and improve your users experience when visiting.

One of the biggest problems business owners face in the when delving into the data saturated world of SEO is simply this, too much information. Even the most cursory of looks into Google analytics gives you a whole lot of things to worry about. From users and sessions to audience acquisition and page views and average time on site, it’s as if the tool was built with data analysts in mind rather than the go to tool for business owners looking to find out what is happening with their website.

When swamped with all this data, in an effort to get something other than reading through thousands of words from AN Other SEO guru and actually getting something done that day, it is all to easy to become fixated with one metric above any other. In many cases this is ranking,

Why isn’t my site on page one of Google?

How is so and so top for vintage taxidermy in South Kerry, they must be tricking Google?

Where is my site? (Almost certainly, the best use of my time for the rest of the day will be to trawl through Google search results and find out where we rank for every keyword I can possibly think of)

Firstly, I’ve got you covered, when you order a site audit I’ll provide you to answer all of these questions. Apart from the tricking Google question, I’ll answer that now, nobody is ‘tricking’ Google, no matter how many SEO masterminds tell you they are, the only person they are tricking is you amd to a lesser or greater extent, themselves.

This SEO audit is designed to solve problems exactly like this, whilst taking into account all of this information, I then look to process all of this into straightforward actionable tasks that can, in most instances, be completed in 30 minutes or less with the help of a little instruction.