WordPress ‘White Screen of Death’ Fix

Ever visited your WordPress site and found it has disappeared? Ever had customers tell you they can’t reach your website? Well, you’ve been hit by the cursed WordPress ‘white screen of death’. There are a number of reasons why this can occur, the following is a breakdown of the most common causes and how to fix them. So, how do you know you have been … Continue reading WordPress ‘White Screen of Death’ Fix »

SEO Battle Plan

Battle Plan!? Yes Battle Plan. What happens when you complete an SEO audit? What next? You form a plan. Easy as that, except it isn’t. You’ve spent a lot of time delving into Google analytics and familiarising yourself with tools like SEMrush, but what next? Now you have to go and familiarise yourself with a load more tools in order to fix these issues. Or … Continue reading SEO Battle Plan »

SEO Audit

So you have an existing WordPress site and you are wondering why your phone isn’t constantly ringing with enquiries or your inbox is more spam than leads? I can help. During an SEO audit I’ll look at a wide range of metrics including Google analytics, social metrics, backlinks, on site optimisation and Google search console. Once done I’ll provide you with a comprehensive report detailing … Continue reading SEO Audit »