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Say Goodbye to WordPress worries and take the struggle out of SEO. WordPress development, maintenance, security and improvement in beautiful South Kerry, Ireland.


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  • WordPress Help

    I offer assistance with a range of WordPress issues. If you have a WordPress issue that needs fixing quick. Take a look at the selection below, alternatively if you are looking for more consistent WordPress support the Protect & Prosper plans were designed specifically with you in mind:

  • Protect & Prosper

    A simple service that takes care of your website and helps you do, what you do best. Find out more about the WordPress maintenance plans, or select from the table below

    • Starter
    • Monthly Backups
    • Monthly Security Scan
    • Monthly Plugin Updates
    • €25
    • Choose
    • Basic
    • Weekly Backups
    • Monthly Plugin Updates
    • Monthly Security Scan
    • 2 tasks per month
    • SEO monitoring
    • €50
    • Choose
    • Standard
    • Daily Backups
    • Weekly Security Scan
    • Monthly Plugin Updates
    • Monthly Site Audit
    • 5 tasks per month
    • SEO monitoring
    • Social Media monitoring
    • Uptime monitoring
    • €100
    • Choose
  • SEO

    Are looking for guaranteed number 1 rankings?

    I'm here to tell you why your asking the wrong questions and offer simple straightforward advice and services, to help you start asking the right ones

    • SEO Audit

      So you have an existing WordPress site and you are wondering why your phone isn’t constantly ringing with enquiries or your inbox is more spam than leads? I can help. During an SEO audit I’ll look at a wide range of metrics including Google analytics, social metrics, backlinks,…

    • SEO Battle Plan

      Battle Plan!? Yes Battle Plan. What happens when you complete an SEO audit? What next? You form a plan. Easy as that, except it isn’t. You’ve spent a lot of time delving into Google analytics and familiarising yourself with tools like SEMrush, but what next? Now you have…

  • So you need a website?

    If you can answer a few questions, I can save you some time and give you some more relevant info.

  • Why Choose Me?

    Excellent job. Enjoyed working with Dave and will do again. What separates him from many developers is that he listens to what is being asked rather than just telling what he wants to tell. It means he gets the job done.

    Christian – Agile Office Systems